Worksheet 15

Worksheet 36
School trivia night

Worksheet 37
Taylor hurts Hector's feelings

Worksheet 38
Agony Aunt letters

Worksheet 39
Friends again

Worksheet 40
The barbeque scene

Worksheet 41
The Families

Worksheet 42
Defining 'bullying'

Worksheet 43
Character profile

Worksheet 44
Boof bullies Egg

Worksheet 45
Agony Aunt letters 2

Worksheet 46
How not to embarrass

Worksheet 47
Lockie apologises

Worksheet 48
The apologies

Activity 4: Friends and Enemies

Year Level: Years 6/7 – 8/9

Description: This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Mortified, Episode 17: School Trivia Night and Lockie Leonard, Episode 3: Lockie Chickens Out, and focuses on the importance and value of friendship and how friends need to be loyal, honest and supportive. It also explores possible reasons behind bullying.

In Mortified, Taylor offers to team her family with Leon's family for trivia night because she has a crush on Leon, who also knows what it's like to have embarrassing parents. Taylor's choice of team upsets her best friend, Hector.

In Lockie Leonard, Lockie hands over Egg to Boof and his mates in order to save himself from being physically bullied then feels guilty about it. He finds a way to apologise to Egg and save their friendship.

Curriculum Study Areas: English, The Arts (Media), SOSE, Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability

Topics/Themes: Gender perspectives, relationships with friends, family relationships, bullying, self-awareness, film language and techniques, comedy genre, growth and development


Teaching and Learning Activities: Each strand contains activities organised in two main components:


Activity 4: Friends and Enemies

Teaching Activities



Taylor Hurts Hector's feelings
Friends Again

Lockie Leonard

Boof the Bully
The Apology