Worksheet 25
Divorce Camp story structure

Worksheet 26
Dialogue re relationships

Worksheet 27
Relationships with parents

Worksheet 28
Loud discussion scene analysis

Worksheet 29
Character profile

Worksheet 30
Decision making

Worksheet 31
The Clock's Tickin' story structure

Worksheet 32
A meeting with Egg's parents

Worksheet 33
Separating parents

Worksheet 34
Comparing parents

Worksheet 35
Ideal parents wish list

Activity 3: Parent Problems

Year Level: Years 6/7 – 8/9

Description: This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Mortified, Episode 22: Divorce Camp and Lockie Leonard, Episode 20: The Clock's Tickin', and focuses on how teenagers react when their parents have problems and how their friends support them in times of crisis.

In Mortified, just before she goes on school camp, Taylor's parents have an argument and Taylor wrongly thinks that they intend getting a divorce. Taylor gets lost on camp and Hector, Brittany and Leon join her before they are all found and Taylor realises that her parents are very happy together.

In Lockie Leonard, Egg's parents decide to separate and tell Egg that he can decide with which parent he will live. Egg tells Lockie on school camp which forces Lockie to choose between spending time with his girlfriend, Vicki, or with his best friend, Egg.

Curriculum Study Areas: English, The Arts (Media), SOSE, Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability

Topics/Themes: Family relationships, peer relationships, self-awareness, decision-making, film language and techniques, comedy genre, growth and development


Teaching and Learning Activities: Each strand contains activities organised in two main components:


Activity 3: Parent Problems

Teaching Activities



Loud Discussion
Taylor's Worst Fear

Lockie Leonard

Egg's Parents