Worksheet 11
Love and feelings chart

Worksheet 12
Valentine's Day

Worksheet 13
DJ Taylor's story structure

Worksheet 14
Valentine's Day scene analysis

Worksheet 15

Worksheet 16
Leon's phone call

Worksheet 17
Hector's perspective

Worksheet 18
The 'details' story structure

Worksheet 19
The course of true love

Worksheet 20
Lockie in the bath scene analysis

Worksheet 21
Lockie's relationships

Worksheet 22
My 13th birthday

Worksheet 23
Respecting others

Worksheet 24
Character web

Activity 2: Lessons in love

Year Level: Years 6/7 – 8/9

Description: This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Mortified, Episode 16: DJ Taylor and Lockie Leonard, Episode 8: The Details, to explore self-awareness, relationships, respect and compassion for other people's feelings when dealing with crushes and feelings of love.

In Mortified, it is Valentine's Day and Taylor wrongly thinks that Leon has sent her a Valentine present. Consequently, she betrays a secret told to her by Hector in order to impress Leon.

In Lockie Leonard, it is Lockie's 13th birthday and he is scared and confused about the details of being the boyfriend of Vicki. Consequently, he behaves even more strangely when he meets Dot, the young surfer girl.

Curriculum Study Areas: English, The Arts (Media), SOSE, Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability

Topics/Themes: Self-awareness, relationships, adolescence, love, respect, honesty and trustworthiness, film language and techniques, fantasy sequence, growth and development, gender perspectives


Teaching and Learning Activities: Each strand contains activities organised in two main components:


Activity 2: Lessons in love

Teaching Activities



Valentine's Day
Leon's Phone Call

Lockie Leonard

Lockie in the Bath