Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2
Unwritten rules

Worksheet 3
Little fish story structure

Worksheet 4
Taylor feeling small scene analysis

Worksheet 5
Layla's unwritten rules

Worksheet 6
Stormy Monday's story structure

Worksheet 7
Lockie being bullied

Worksheet 8
Stereotypes and bullies

Worksheet 9
First day comparisons

Worksheet 10
First day feelings

Activity 1: First Day Feelings

Year Level: Years 6/7 – 8/9

Description: This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Mortified, Episode 14: Little Fish and Lockie Leonard, Episode 2: Stormy Monday, to explore family relationships, the problems associated with trying to fit in, self-awareness and self-acceptance, bullying, the lack of understanding and tolerance when starting high school.

In Mortified, Taylor thinks that she is 'so ready' for Day 1 at Driftwood High but her day goes from bad to worse as she has trouble fitting in, gets lost and receives little help from her sister, Layla.

In Lockie Leonard, Lockie is 'dreading' his first day at Angelus High school. He is bullied, follows Egg's advice and puts on a weirdness act, is kicked out of Maths class and wishes he was back in the city.

Curriculum Study Areas: English, The Arts (Media), SOSE, Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability

Topics/Themes: Gender perspectives, self-awareness, fitting in, family, relationships, adolescence, transition, comedy genre, bullying, film language and techniques, narrative structure


Teaching and Learning Activities: Each strand contains activities organised in two main components:


Activity 1: First Day Feelings

Teaching Activities



Day 1 at Driftwood High School

Lockie Leonard

Day 1 at Angelus High School
Lockie Reflects